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I'm in the middle of my Second run with Global Championship Wrestling.. and I'm enjoying it more and more every day. In this day and time, I'm wearing a lot of hats with the company.. and some of them are quite the challenge. Since my return to the company a few years ago.. We've gone full tilt into social media, internet radio, smartphone apps.. and Television. I even have the unique honor of wearing a few hats when it comes to the Television, and Radio, broadcasts.. in front of, and behind the scenes.

GCW Radio is Broadcast LIVE on Sunday Nights at 9pm Central Time.. You can hear it through The Beyond Ringside LIVE player.. as well as on Their FB Fan Page and other sites.

GCW Radio Broadcasts LIVE on Beyond Ringside Sports Radio.

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GCW Radio Ustream Feed - Broadcasts LIVE on Sundays at 9:00pm Central time.

Live video from your Android device on Ustream
GCW Television on Blip TV
Broadcasts in the Central Alabama Area on CW21 on Sundays at 1:00a.m.
I handle some of the Ring Announcing and Commentary for the Television Product.
From Calendar Year 2012
Broadcast Date: January 22, 2012
(Commentary and Interview)
Broadcast Date: January 15, 2012
( Co-Hosted and Did Commentary )
Broadcast Date: January 1, 2012
(Hosted and did Commentary)
Global Championship Wrestling's GCW Radio

I've been working with Global Championship Wrestling for a number of years. This is actually my 2nd stint with the company. As you can see above, I have the honor of working on their Television product.
I decided to go to The Boss and asked if I could spearhead the concept to put together an online radio show centering around the company. Maddog said Yes.. and the rest has just added a new dimension of insanity to the fun that I get to have with the company. A number of the shows are on the GCW Podcast site that I maintain.. I am also putting them over here to keep in my library. Trying to get them all together is a little bit of a challenge.. so just let me go ahead and use my favorite phrase.. This is a work in progress. There are some dates that there may not have been a broadcast, or the episode is missing.

GCW Radio - December 30, 2012
Page Link - Complete Broadcast Episode
(Podcast Episode 078)
GCW Radio - December 09, 2012
Page Link - Complete Broadcast Episode
(Podcast Episode 077)

GCW Radio - November 25, 2012
Page Link - Complete Broadcast Episode
(Podcast Episode 076)
GCW Radio - November 18, 2012
Page Link - Interview with Buff Bagwell
(Podcast Episode 75)
GCW Radio - May 6, 2012
Page Link - Complete Broadcast Episode
(Podcast Episdoe 046)

GCW Radio - May 13, 2012
Page Link - Complete Broadcast Episode
(Podcast Episode 47)

GCW Radio - April 29, 2012
Page Link - Complete Broadcast Episode
(Podcast Episode 045)

GCW Radio - April 22, 2012
Page Link - Complete Broadcast Episode
(Podcast Episode 044)
GCW Radio April 15, 2012
No Notes Available for That Date
GCW Radio - April 8, 2012
No Notes available for that date
GCW Radio - April 3, 2012
Page Link - Complete Broadcast Episode
(Podcast Episode 041)


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