Since 1984 (and actually a little before that),
I've had the honor of being behind a microphone.

"One of the hardest working people around" is a phrase that I often hear. And I appreciate it every time I hear it.

No matter what I am doing... I want to get it right. Whether I have the priviledge of being the DJ for Your Wedding, or Announcing for a Sports Promotion.. When You Hire Me, You get 100% from me Everytime.

It's an honor to know that my voice has been heard all over the country, whether it be on Radio, Television or on the Internet.

From Me To You:
Told ya I was working on the reset. It took longer than I thought.

I will be moving pics from FB and IG over to here as time permits

Picture Of The Week - July 9, 2022
Thank ou to Alexis and Brandon for the honor of being the DJ/M.C. on Their Big Day
Thank You for the opportunity.


Upcoming Events

Monday Nights
The Beer Hog - Pelham, AL
Karaoke: 6:00pm

Tuesday Nights
Steel Gastro Pub - B'ham, AL
Karaoke: 7:30pm

Thursday Sept. 8, 2022
Mad Pies - Fultondale, AL
Karaoke: 7:00pm

Friday Sept. 09, 2022
Gray Bar - Birmingham, AL
DJ / Kararoke - 8:00 Central Time

Saturday Sept. 10, 2022
Guest M.C. - Canine Companions Benefit
Railroad Park - B'ham, AL
Noon Central Time

Sunday Sept. 11, 2022
Beyond Ringside Sports Radio
Live From The Beer Hog in Pelham, AL
7:00 Central Time

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